SHU Internship Spotlight: Hope Lecours

Student Name:Hope Lecours

Class Year:Senior


Concentration: Advertising and Public Relations

Employer: Kerri Rosenthal 

Job Title: Social Media Intern

How You Found the position:Through the Center for Career & Professional Development

Student Quote: 

“My experience at Kerri Rosenthal was my first internship as a college student, and it was truly a fun time! It was a place where artistic individuality, creativity, and laughter was always encouraged. No idea was a bad idea, and Kerri was a larger than life woman, bursting with excitement and determination for her projects. As a woman, it made me feel really excited to see a staff that was comprised almost entirely of women, and gave me a sense of confidence to see such a warm and inviting atmosphere that would make most anyone feel welcome. I learned a lot about how a small business can grow, and what it takes to run one. We were always helping each other out, no matter that the task, and doing little projects that helped to create a successful and meaningful brand message. I learned the importance in going with the flow and the fantastic results that can come from being a team player – a peoples’ person. I would highly recommend this internship to any SHU student! ”

By Corey Stokes
Corey Stokes Associate Director of Career Student Engagement