Student Success Story: Ava Fabian

Student Name: Ava Fabian

Class Year: 2021

Internship Location: Yale School of Public Health

City/State: New Haven, CT

Job Title: Research Intern

Student Quote: “As an intern with the Yale school of Public Health, I was able to work alongside my mentor, who is a professor and researcher at Yale, to research my topic of choice. I decided to research environmental effects on the risk for miscarriage. The main topic of interest was occupational activity exposures (lifting, walking, working long shifts, etc.) and how they affect miscarriage risk. My current goal is to conduct a meta-analysis, systematic review and strive for a publication in a journal. There is not much research on this topic so being a part of this is an amazing opportunity. I also strive to bring to light the racial disparities that are so prevalent within this topic, which is something that has yet to be done. Not only did I work alongside my mentor, I also got to attend 2 weeks of lectures from other Yale faculty on topics such as genetic epidemiology, climate change, cancer biomarkers and introducing us to the graduate programs at Yale. Overall, this was truly a once in a lifetime experience to be able to conduct my own research and have guidance from Yale faculty.”

By Patti Moran
Patti Moran