Welcome Pioneers!

Hey Pioneers! I understand that beginning your college experience as an undeclared student can be overwhelming, but it also puts you at a fantastic advantage to do some exploration and be sure that you are on the right path to a satisfying and fulfilling career! It’s important to take advantage of all the great resources and programs available to you, so you can feel confident within your future endeavors.

I would encourage you to join the Discover U program which is an exploratory program designed to help you try new things and learn about new careers! The Discover U program will be individualized depending on your needs, and may consist of one-on-one coaching, guided personality and interests assessments, job shadowing opportunities, assistance in connecting with professionals in a variety of interests, and guidance in navigating on-campus involvement to enhance your career journey.

I am here to support you throughout your exploratory journey!


By Corey Stokes
Corey Stokes Associate Director of Career Student Engagement Corey Stokes