Student Success Story: Mansi Patel

-Name: Mansi Patel

-Class Year: 2020

-Company Name: P3 Health Partners

-Location: Salem, OR

-Job Title: Healthcare Business Analyst

-Student Quote: “A major part of my job includes analyzing patients’ data to come up with mitigation plans,”. “These plans aim to prevent health issues and reduce patients’ hospital visits, which in turn reduces costs. My work is essentially to create a win-win situation for providers and patients.”

-Student Advice: “Have patience. Also, understand the fact that getting hired is a two-way process. Applicants should know that it’s important for the employer to know if the candidate is a good fit, the same way it is important for an applicant to understand if the job is one they can see themselves doing with satisfaction.”

By Helen Boyke
Helen Boyke Director of Alumni, Veteran and Graduate Career Development