SHU Internship Spotlight: Kolby Driscoll

Name: Kolby Driscoll

Class Year: 2021

Internship Location: Connecticut General Assembly, House Democrats

City/State: Hartford, CT

Job Title: Legislative Intern

Student Quote: ” My internship at the State Capital was one of the more rewarding and fulfilling things I have had the opportunity to do because of SHU. I had the unique opportunity to work with a Legislator and his team in the House Democrats Office. The Representative I worked for represents the 50th District of Connecticut, and he is actually a Sacred Heart Graduate (he received his masters here)!  Every Tuesday and Thursday I drove to Hartford and spent 8+ in the building doing a wide variety of things. I was able to attend public hearings, press conferences, briefings, and other events in The Capital. There was always something to keep me busy, and my Legislator and his Legislative Aide always had productive work for me to do. I interacted with constituents on the phone, via email and in person, I reviewed and edited policy drafts and other important documents, and I was able to network with so many individuals. Because of this internship opportunity I have grown my professional network exponentially, and I have gained so much real world experience in a field I hope to make a career in.”


By Patti Moran
Patti Moran