SHU Internship Spotlight: Eva Murphy

Student Name: Eva Murphy

Class Year: 2021

Internship Location: Yale Medical School

Location: New Haven, CT

Job Title: Research Intern

Student Quote: “As an intern at Sterling Hall of Medicine in the Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography lab, within the Pharmacology department, I am learning advanced biochemical lab techniques. I work alongside my mentor on a chemokine expression and purification project. Chemokines are small signaling proteins that induce tissue extravasation, promote differentiation, and induce chemotaxis. Working on this project has guided us in a direction where we are also working on a secondary project to optimize the efficiency for macromolecular crystallization to visualize proteins more efficiently. I am planning on applying to medical school so on top of this unique experience under Yale faculty, I have also shadowed a female general surgeon who specializes in critical care at Bridgeport Hospital (Northeast Medical Group/Yale New Haven Health). It is great to have an amazing female surgeon as a mentor and role model through the medical school process. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to shadow an orthopedic spine surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City quite a few times. I loved attending research meetings within the spinal surgery department to see how medical knowledge is combined with science research to optimize patient care. Shadowing within the operating rooms and watching how doctors interacted with patients in such a beneficial and integrated manner was such a learning experience that really solidified what career path I want to take!”

By Patti Moran
Patti Moran