SHU Internship Spotlight: Michelle George

Student Name: Michelle George

Job Title: Nursing Aid

Location: Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston MA

Student Quote:

“Being able to assist the front-line staff in providing care to COVID-19 patients at Brigham Women’s Hospital was truly a rewarding experience and opportunity. This job allowed myself to gain a lot of experience within the hospital and gain insight about the roles of healthcare workers during this COVID-19 pandemic. My shifts were scheduled for 12 hours long, either 7am-7pm or 7pm-7am. Although this is a very long working shift, I believed it to be very beneficial for myself due to my clinicals this semester and next semester are 12 hours long. My responsibilities of this job included monitoring any staff member who was donning or doffing prior to or after being within a COVID-19 room, monitor staff who are performing COVID-19 testing, receive patient’s COVID-19 specimen and transport specimens to the Lab, and sterilize medical equipment after being in use in a COVID-19 room. This opportunity allowed myself to reinforce skills and techniques that I have learned throughout the years in The Davis and Henley School of Nursing. After this job, I felt honored to be able to assist within the medical field during this pandemic. Although I was unable to work directly with patients, it was an extraordinary experience to go through.”

By Patti Moran
Patti Moran Director