SHU Internship Spotlight: Sabrina Sloan

Student Name: Sabrina Sloan

Class Year: 2021

Internship Location: Stony Brook University Hospital

Location: Long Island, NY

Job Title: Nursing Intern

Student Quote: “This summer I took part in the Nursing Internship Opportunity at Stony Brook University Hospital, which is a hospital on Long Island, in New York. I was assigned to the Surgical/Trauma ICU. At first, I was super nervous to be placed on such a critical floor, but it was the best place I could have been placed. I was assigned to one preceptor that I worked with all summer. She showed me the ropes and essentially how to be a nurse. I could not have asked for a better preceptor. I followed my preceptor’s work schedule, 36 hours per week for a duration of ten weeks. We would care for two critically ill patients each shift. Under the direct guidance of my preceptor I had the opportunity to practice wound care, head-toe assessments, suctioning, tracheostomy care, urinary catheter insertion, chest tube care, charting, and other nursing skills. Everyone on my floor was extremely friendly and open to teaching me everything they could offer. Throughout the internship, I got to participate in the development, implementation, and evaluation of patient and family teaching plans. I got to demonstrate accountability in professional practice through documentation and frequent communication with the health care team. This opportunity not only allowed me to grow as a nursing student, but it also made me grow as an individual. This experience was priceless, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

By Patti Moran
Patti Moran