MVP Alumni Mentoring Program: 1st Cycle Wrap-up

MVP Alumni Mentoring Program 1st cycle concluded with all Mentors/Mentees successfully completing the program with positive outcomes. The Center for Career and Professional Development wrapped the program with a virtual session on October 1, 2020.

The Mentors and Mentees conducted some amazing collaborations even within a Pandemic. Some of the highlights from the program are…Mentees are being offered internships, some are moving forward with grad school upon completion of their undergrad studies, some are even more excited about their industry of interest, and some are continuing their Mentor/Mentee relationships!

From the many great elements that came out of the MVP Alumni Mentoring Program, one was the creation of the “Red Heart” Award. This award is a symbol of excellence and recognized the time and dedication spent by the Mentors and Mentees towards building a successful relationship. Each recipient was recognized during the session…

  • Samantha Young (Psychology major): recipient of the “Outstanding Mentee” award for demonstrating extraordinary curiosity and commitment to learning and incorporated her Mentor’s feedback/advice in meaningful ways
  • Deesha Marvania: recipient of the “Outstanding Mentor” award for demonstrating excellent leadership skills as well as inspiring her two Mentees to do their best, and supported their curiosity about their industry by providing them with professional guidance
  • Stephanie Sorbara (SHU ’14): recipient of the “Outstanding Mentor” award for demonstrating excellent leadership skills and provided a remarkable level of support for her Mentee’s professional development
By Helen Boyke
Helen Boyke Director of Alumni, Veteran and Graduate Career Development