Event Recap: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Networking Exchange

In honor of Women’s History Month, the Center for Career and Professional Development hosted “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Networking Exchange” on Tuesday, March 30th for students and alums to virtually engage with industry professionals from varied organizations to discuss new hiring initiatives, share strategies on how to advocate as a future diverse employee, professional opportunities, and how to take care of yourself as you navigate your career and the job market.

Betsy Montañez, the University Partnerships Manager at FDM Group conducted the first segment of the session “Recruitment Insights for Students to Be a Standout Candidate”, which was facilitated by Morgan Ford (SHU ‘19 & ‘20) who is an Undergrad Admissions Counselor in SHU’s Admissions Office.

The next segment’s feature on INROADS was presented by Tanaisha Brisbon who is INROADS University Relations Manager, and Tara Drinks (INROADS alum) who is a Writer & Editor, Associate Editor for Understood.org.  Jennifer Esserry (SHU Class of ’22) who is in SHU’s undergraduate Business Management program introduced this portion of the program.

Morgan Bass Roper, the Special Events Lead for Democrats for Education Reform took all participants through “Self Care and Mental Health Prioritization As A Person Of Color In The Workplace”.  Morgan’s session was introduced by Keresha Donaldson (SHU Class of ‘22) who is in SHU’s Strategic Communications and Public Relations masters program.

The event brought together a group of talent women who shared their experiences within the DE&I space and how students and alumni can best utilize those experiences/programs/strategies to enhance their present and future workplace environments.

Betsy opened the program with some lessons she acquired along her career journey, as well as tips and tricks to assist with the recruitment/job search process.

Tanaisha gave some great foundational insights about INROADS as well as its many internship opportunities for students beginning in their Freshman year to their Senior year of college. Tara shared her experiences as an INROADS intern with a major fortune 500 company and the many rewards the INROADS program has afforded her.

Morgan Bass Roper began her session with the importance of mental health and how impactful it can be on you and how to prioritize to give to yourself.  She conducted an activity with a few simple and valuable exercises to help everyone reframe and reset.

As Morgan Bass Roper concluded her segment, Suzie Im (SHU Class of May ‘21) who is in SHU’s Speech Language Pathology masters program opened the Networking portion of the virtual event for all participants to engage with the guest speakers.

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By Helen Boyke
Helen Boyke Director of Alumni, Veteran and Graduate Career Development