Event Recap: MVP Alumni Mentoring Program (2nd Cycle)

MVP Alumni Mentoring Program

2nd Cycle – Wrap-up

 The MVP Alumni Mentoring Program for Spring 2021 concluded a successful 2nd cycle in May 2021 with its wrap-up session in early-June 2021. This cycle of cohorts included academic programs and student clubs (Social Work, Physician Assistant, Speech Language Pathology, Government & Law, Black Student Union, and Public Relations Student Society of America). Inclusive of the six new cohorts added to the main program, there were 155 participants (89 student Mentees, and 58 alums and 8 industry partners served as Mentors).

The MVP program connects students and experienced professionals, with the aim of ensuring a smooth transition for the students from campus to career.  Ermir Celaj (SHU ’18), Stephanie Sorbara (SHU ’14), Chris Stoychev, Dr. Deesha Marvania, Kimberly Siemon (SHU SVC ’18), Keith Donlon (SHU ’14) served as Mentors during the 1st cycle of the program, returned to Mentor students accepted into the 2nd cycle. The Mentor/Mentee monthly one-on-one sessions enabled students to learn about their fields of interest where they were provided advice to heighten industry awareness, gained professional insight, build their professional network, and identify the next steps necessary to develop their career.

The session was facilitated by Helen Boyke (Director Graduate Students, Veterans, and Alumni) and supported by Patti Moran (Director of Career Programming & Experiential Learning).  At the conclusion of the wrap-up presentation, it was followed by the announcement of the “Red Heart” Award recipients. The award recognizes both the Mentor and Mentee for their outstanding commitment to building a successful Mentor/Mentee relationship and demonstrated leadership.

  • Christopher (CJ) Calcinari – Digital Communications major (SHU ’23): recipient of the “Outstanding Mentee” award for demonstrating extraordinary curiosity and commitment to learning.
  • Ramon Peralta – CEO/Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Peralta Design: recipient of the “Outstanding Mentor” award for demonstrating excellent leadership skills as well as inspiring his Mentee and supported his curiosity about their industry by providing professional guidance and supported his Mentee’s professional development.

To share some of the Mentor/Mentee experiences during their cycle’s engagement, one Mentor shared the following about her experience with her Mentee…“working with my Mentee was a fulfilling experience! I watched my Mentee thrive at school juggling multiple priorities and land her dream HR internship.”  One Mentee shared her rewarding experience, stating the following…“I will be applying all of my Mentor’s advice during my internship, grad school and career. I cannot thank her enough for the skills and knowledge she shared with me. I learned so much from this experience and I am so grateful”.

The 3rd cycle of the program will begin late Summer 2021. For the 3rd cycle, the Center for Career and Professional Development will continue to incorporate specific departments and students clubs into the MVP program to enhance students’ experiences and engagement.

By Helen Boyke
Helen Boyke Director of Alumni, Veteran and Graduate Career Development