Event Recap: Pitney Bowes Information Session (2-15-22)

Pitney Bowes Representatives Nicole Clemens and Eileen Bednarz (HR) presented to a group of students on Tuesday February 18th. The presentation gave a general overview of the company as well as highlighted their Financial Leadership Program (FLP).

Pitney Bowes focused the beginning by mentioning their stellar turn over ration of employees, 12 years avg employment turn over, many even stay up to 20+ years. Followed by an overview of all their benefit packages.  The focus on 4 main elements of business those being:

    • Sending Tech Solutions
    • Presort Services
    • Global Ecommerce
    • Financial Services

After 102 years of operation Pitney Bowes is ready to launch their new intern program, Financial Leadership Program (FLP). With the goal of making the program more than just like regular job it takes place over the course of 2 years with 6 month rotations in each sector of their operation. Some key features of the program are: Fast paced, in person and virtual, available coursework and projects along the way, with great networking. The program goals being: Future leaders of Pitney Bowes and great information learned over the 24 months.

Pitney Bowes went on to give more information on them and show many awards they have won in the past for being a great company. They then shorty warped up the info session, a short follow up Q&A followed.

The full video from this event can be found here: https://shuconnect.sacredheart.edu/videos/pitney-bowes-2-15-22/

By Fernando Pires
Fernando Pires Career Advising & Recruitment Coordinator