4 ways underrepresented STEM majors can stay the course

Black and Latino students who start out majoring in STEM – or science, technology, engineering or mathematics – are more likely than their white peers to switch fields or leave without a degree.

Some students leave because they feel isolated on campus. Others may lack the type of technical skills, such as effective communication in science, needed to persist in these subjects. When students from underrepresented groups leave STEM majors, it affects all of society, hampering the overall potential for critical thinking, creativity and innovation.

Scientific innovation and progress require the talents of people from diverse backgrounds.

As Ph.D. biology candidates at one of the nation’s top historically Black universities, we joined a group of scientists in 2021 to discover and recommend a few things to help underrepresented students build their scientific identity and stick with STEM. What follows are four of those recommendations.

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By Fernando Pires
Fernando Pires Career Advising & Recruitment Coordinator