Why Work in Healthcare in 2020? 7 Reasons You Can’t Ignore

There are more than 18 million people working in the healthcare field today. That number is expected to reach almost 20 million by the year 2028. It’s no wonder why. Healthcare is a thriving field that is (and always will be) needed across the United States.

When you are sick, you need a doctor or nurse. When you are recovering from injury, you need an occupational or physical therapist. When you need your teeth cleaned, you go to a dental office. These needs are not going away. In fact, they are expected to grow.

With increasing job stability, high salary potential, and low unemployment rates, healthcare is becoming one of the best industries to work in today (filling 46 of U.S. News’ 100 Best Jobs of 2020). Still, you may be wondering, “Why should I pursue a career in healthcare now?” or “Why work in healthcare at all?”

We’re here to break it down. Below are the top reasons to work in healthcare in 2020 and beyond:

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By Fernando Pires
Fernando Pires Career Advising & Recruitment Coordinator