How to Tame Interview Anxiety With 3 Proven Strategies

Before becoming a career coach, I spent my twenties as a professional actor. During that period, hustling between auditions and performances, I suddenly began to suffer from a serious case of anxiety. I didn’t know what caused it, but the lines stopped coming when I needed them, and my nervousness kept building until I felt completely trapped in my head. Even worse, the harder I worked to address it, the more anxious I felt!

Does this sound familiar? If you’re currently interviewing for a new job, or doing anything to raise your career prospects, then you most likely understand these jitters. It affects all of us at one point or another.

Fortunately, one of my teachers changed my perspective. They told me anxiety is just energy, and you can either choose to ride the wave or be crushed by it. These words broke the spell. I began to see anxiety as a source of power—my job is to unlock that potential so the energy propels me instead of making me freeze up.

Here are three novel and effective ways to tame the beast of anxiety when it matters most.

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By Fernando Pires
Fernando Pires Career Advising & Recruitment Coordinator