LinkedIn Headshots & Reviews

On Wednesday April 24, 2024, The Center for Career and Professional Development hosted a LinkedIn Headshots and Review session open to all students. There were just about 70 attendees who had the opportunity to get their headshot professionally taken so they could make their LinkedIn profile look more put together. They also had the opportunity to have a one-on-one review of how to optimize their profiles to best showcase their skillset and experiences.

When asked about the importance of an event like this, freshman Colton Grove said, “Since much of our lives are now spent online, having a current ‘online resume’ is crucial for one’s career. This is why the headshot and LinkedIn review events are so valuable.”

During the event, students learned valuable tips to enhance their LinkedIn profiles, including:

  1. Professional Headshot: A professional headshot can help make your profile stand out to potential employers.
  2. Optimize Your Profile: Include a professional headline, summary, work experience, education, skills, etc. Ensure that you are showing off your experience to the best of your ability
  3. Craft a Compelling Summary: Create a LinkedIn summary so you are properly introducing yourself and highlighting your strengths.
  4. Network: Connect with classmates, alumni, professors, and professionals in your field. Engage with their posts and join relevant LinkedIn groups to expand your network.
  5. Utilize the Center for Career and Professional Development resources: Take advantage of the resources available in our office, including our “How To” style packets with tips and tricks on LinkedIn, resumes, and cover letters.

It was a successful event that left attendees feeling more confident about their online professional presence. Many students expressed gratitude for the opportunity to have their LinkedIn profiles reviewed and the personalized advice.

Overall, the LinkedIn Headshots and Review session was a valuable resource for students looking to enhance their professional online presence and take the next step towards their career goals. The Center for Career and Professional Development plans to continue offering events like this in the future to support students in their professional development journey!

For more information on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and other career-related resources, visit the Center for Career and Professional Development’s website, or schedule an appointment with your career coach via Handshake.

By Elizabeth Kilmer
Elizabeth Kilmer Graduate Assistant