SHU Externship Spotlight: Erin Tuohy

Student Name: Erin Tuohy 

Student Class Year: 2020 

Student Internship/Externship Location: Northwell Health: Staten Island University, Emergency Dept. 

City/State: Staten Island, NY 

Job Title: Student Nurse Externship 

 Student Quote” 

“Taking part in a student nurse externship was a really amazing learning experience and opportunity. Being that I had an interest in the emergency department, I was very lucky that this externship allowed me to submit my preferences for what type of unit I wanted to work in. I gained a lot of insight into the role of RNs, and specifically emergency department nurses, during this program. I worked twelve-hour days with a preceptor, and I became very acclimated to working a shift that long, which was beneficial because our senior clinical capstone rotation consists of 12-hour shifts. The externship program gave me a great opportunity to reinforce the fundamental skills the College of Nursing taught me while also teaching me new skills. I got to observe and assist with patients I hadn’t seen before in clinical during the school year, and I got to practice some skills for the first time, like CPR. After this externship, I felt much more prepared for clinical in the Fall. I recommend an externship/internship for anyone who would like to get extra experience, possibly find what type of nursing they are interested in, and to get their foot in the door for a job opportunity at the hospital/with the hospital system after graduation.”

By Patti Moran
Patti Moran