Outcome data for Sacred Heart University is obtained through the Center for Career & Professional Development, in accordance with national standards. We extend our First-Destination survey to students who have received Bachelor’s Degrees in the respective year are surveyed from the time of graduation, to 12-months following graduation.


First Destination

SHU Pioneers pursue a variety of careers paths after graduation; most recent respondents indicated they are:

Top Employers

Sacred Heart University has a strong reputation for providing top qualified candidates, and recently hired at organizations such as:

Starting Salary

Recent alumni respondents, who have entered the workforce have indicated a base salary of:

Employment Locations

From Connecticut and beyond, Pioneers find themselves working across the country and globe, including:

United States


Top Universities

Sacred Heart alumni have obtained a strong foundation to continue their studies in competitive programs such as:

Degree Types

Most recent graduates indicated continuing education working towards degrees, including:

Fields of Study

Recent Sacred Heart University graduates work within diverse fields of study including: