Exploratory Pioneers

The Exploratory Career Community is geared towards providing resources and tools to those who are exploring majors and career paths. This community will help students to find their passion and purpose in life. 

Starting at SHU without declaring a major is a unique and exciting way to begin your college career – there are numerous resources and opportunities to explore. We are here to help you to find the right major and career path for you! We understand that you may be considering several different career pathways, and we want to help you navigate them! We believe that early-industry exploration is the key to long-term success. This is why we developed Career Communities. You can think of these communities as interest-groups of like-minded individuals that may be considering a similar path, but do not necessarily share the same major as you. For example, English, Marketing, and Sociology majors may all have one thing in common – an interest in Public Relations – and now they can all join the same career community to further explore the PR industry! By joining one (or more) Career Communities will give you VIP access to industry-specific content, including virtual resources, on-campus events, job/internship opportunities, and specialized career advisement centered around your interests – not your major. By joining a Career Community, we know you will gain confidence in your ability to network and have a better understanding of your options

Alumni Career Spotlight: Evan Miller

Name: Evan Miller

Class Year: 2016

Major: Psychology

Employer: Rye Neck High School

Location: Mamaroneck, NY

Position Title: School Counselor

“The School Counseling applicant pool is overly saturated with very limited positions. Take time while in your undergrad and graduate …

By Career & Professional Development
Career & Professional Development
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Alumni Career Spotlight: Jenna Karpowich

Name: Jenna Karpowich

Class Year: 2021

Major: Marketing & Sport Management

Employer: SoundWaters

Location: Stamford, CT

Position Title: Manager of Events & Communications

“Put yourself into a position that will help you succeed in your future career. Whether it’s applying …

By Career & Professional Development
Career & Professional Development
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Alumni Career Spotlight: Lauren Petrozzi

Name: Lauren Petrozzi

Class Year: 2019, 2020

Major: Accounting

Employer: Chilton Investment Company

Location: Stamford, CT

Position Title: Accountant

“Go where you make the best connection with the people of the Company. Work is work, but it’s the people that …

By Career & Professional Development
Career & Professional Development
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Outcome data for Sacred Heart University is obtained through the Center for Career & Professional Development, in accordance with national standards. We extend our First-Destination survey to students who have received Bachelor’s Degrees in the respective year are surveyed from the time of graduation, to 12-months following graduation.


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SHU Pioneers pursue a variety of careers paths after graduation; most recent respondents indicated they are:

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