8 Career Tips From People Who Landed an Internship at BlackRock

As a current student or recent graduate, one question you might be asking yourself is how can you prepare yourself for an interview and secure a job. But given the fact that interviews and application processes differ from company to company, you may have found yourself lost and unsure about where to start.

In order to help guide early-career professionals through interviews and applications, we took an in-depth look at the process at one of the world’s largest asset managers – BlackRock. To better understand how candidates can nail their application and interview process, we spoke with three analysts who successfully secured internships with this $22 billion company and continue to work and thrive there today as analysts.

This list includes everything from interview tips to general advice that these employees used to help them navigate the interview process and secure a job at BlackRock. While some of the tips are specific to BlackRock and its unique hiring process, many of them are universal and can be used throughout your entire professional career. We hope this helps make landing your first job or internship a little easier and encourages you to seek employment with BlackRock – a company that has been shaking up the industry and providing lifelong careers for years.

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By Fernando Pires
Fernando Pires Career Advising & Recruitment Coordinator