8 Advantages to Working in Healthcare

By Nurse Blake

If you’re looking for an exciting and fast-paced career, the healthcare industry may be right for you. There are many different kinds of jobs in healthcare, each with its own unique set of responsibilities. Learning about the different types of jobs available in healthcare and the salary and outlook for each can help you evaluate whether a career in healthcare is for you.

In this article, we discuss eight advantages of working in the industry and review the four major types of jobs in healthcare along with salary and job outlook information for various careers.

Advantages of working in healthcare

The healthcare industry is expected to experience high job demand in the next decade due to the aging population and a higher prevalence of chronic conditions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there will be a 15.4% growth in healthcare and social assistance occupations between 2022 and 2032, much higher than the 3% national average for all jobs. 

The healthcare industry presents many career opportunities that cater to various interests. Here are some specific reasons why you might consider a career in this expanding industry: 

  1. Fulfilling work. Healthcare workers spend their time making a difference in others’ lives, which can increase their motivation and overall job satisfaction.
  2. Above-average earning potential. Many careers in the healthcare industry offer an above-average salary, especially when you work in hospitals or for government organizations.
  3. Strong job outlook: The healthcare and social assistance sector is expected to add about 2.1 million jobs from 2022 to 2032, the most of any sector and about 45% of all new jobs.
  4. Stimulating work environment. Most healthcare professionals experience a fast-paced workday with a continually changing atmosphere.
  5. Variety of career opportunities. There are innumerable career options within the healthcare industry, and many professionals can even change their positions multiple times to try different things before deciding on a specialty.
  6. Opportunity to travel. Healthcare professionals are in high demand worldwide, offering the opportunity to work in diverse locations while earning a substantial income and making a global impact.
  7. Positions at all educational levels. There are hundreds of positions available in healthcare, whether you have a high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree or a specialized medical degree.
  8. Flexible schedules. Since people need help from medical professionals day and night, many healthcare jobs offer flexible work schedules, including the option to work overnights, short work weeks or even remotely.

Types of jobs in healthcare

Here is a closer look at the job opportunities, salaries and schedules for different jobs in the healthcare industry, based on type:

  • Healthcare administration
  • Medical laboratory
  • Patient care
  • Physicians and surgeons

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