STEM Careers

By Christina Payne

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Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs open the door to many different careers, including opportunities in engineering, science, and research. STEM professionals can explore diverse fields like aeronautics and biochemistry. Some STEM students also apply their technical knowledge in law, politics, and education.

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STEM Career Outlook

The outlook for careers with a STEM degree differs depending on each worker’s education and location. Readers should always research specific careers to learn more about their job outlook and potential salary.

For example, life, physical, and social sciences professionals can expect to earn median annual salaries that range from $41,970 for agricultural and food science technicians to $128,950 for physicists and astronomers. Additionally, median annual salaries for computer and information technology professions range from $55,510 for computer support specialists to $126,830 for computer and information research scientists.

Meanwhile, median annual salaries for architecture and engineering professionals range from $46,200 for surveying and mapping technicians to $137,330 for petroleum engineers.

Note that lower-paying jobs tend to only require an associate degree, whereas more lucrative opportunities often require a graduate degree.

What Are Some Educational Paths in STEM?

There are dozens of STEM disciplines and professional fields recruiting students with strong math and science skills. The following section covers some of the most common STEM programs. Most of these fields offer opportunities for greater specialization, particularly for students in graduate programs.

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