What Can I Expect from a Human Resources Degree?

By Coursera Staff

An HR degree can be an entry to a career in human resources management, business, and more. Discover human resources degrees and what you can do with them.

It’s a simple fact: without employees, few businesses would thrive. And without human resource professionals, many business leaders would struggle to meet the needs of their employees. Human resource professionals recruit, screen, and interview candidates applying for company jobs. They work to ensure employees are treated fairly and may oversee training, compensation, and benefit questions. It is a complex role requiring human and technical skills, many that you can learn in a classroom or online.

You can learn a lot about the world of work–including recruiting, workforce training, and talent acquisition for a company–by studying for a human resources degree. Human resources is a broad topic, with many opportunities for specialization in recruiting, workforce training, or compensation and benefits administration. You can find your own area of interest by working toward a human resources degree.

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