What You Need to Know About Becoming a Political Science Major

By Melanie Pincus and Ali Follman

Political science majors understand, promote and debate political arguments, and become strong writers, speakers and critical thinkers.

A political science major examines the nature of power and governments while building skills in analysis, research and more. Students who keep up with current events and have a penchant for debate might be interested in this major. With a degree in political science, you’ll be well-equipped to understand the forces that guide political processes.

What Is a Political Science and Government Major?

A political science major is a social science degree path that focuses on government in theory and practice. Majors will explore topics related to political theory, international relations, comparative politics and more. By the time they complete their degrees, students should understand political issues and theories and have the skills to confidently approach research questions.

Options after graduation include doctorate programs in the field and graduate or professional study in law, international relations, medicine and more. Students in a political science major may also be able to receive class credit for hands-on internships in campaign offices, law firms and nongovernmental organizations.

Political science major vs. public policy major: What’s the difference?

Political science majors and public policy majors are closely related, as public policy majors must understand political science principles and political science majors learn how governments handle policy problems. Some schools even combine the two topics into one degree. The difference between the undergraduate study of political science and public policy is that political science is the study of governments, political systems and public policies. Public policy, on the other hand, focuses on the formulation, application and evaluation of public policy.

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