Internship Search Q & A

2:09- What exactly is a Career Community?

3:12- I want to search for an internship for the Fall, Spring or Summer term, is anyone even hiring?

3:58- I want to intern, but I feel uncomfortable performing one in-person, are there any other options?

5:15- Are there other ways to explore career paths and gain professional knowledge and/or professional experience without interning?

6:13- Patti, is there anything you would like to add to that?

7:06- Keith, can you touch upon if I can still receive academic credit if an internship is paid? Is it okay to take an unpaid internship?

7:57- What are the necessary steps in order to land an internship?

10:15- The second step that Keith is going to talk about is proper time and communication.

11:04- The third step we have is all about the search tips and Patti is going to touch upon this.

14:21- The last step in landing your internship is all about incorporating your network.

16:25- How can I find ways to stand out when applying to an internship?

18:13- I have been applying everywhere, but no one is getting back  to me, do you have any advice?

19:26- What are the best internship search engines to use within my own career community?

20:34- When do internships usually occur?

21:40- Do you have any suggestions on companies or internship programs that I should explore that previous Sacred Heart students experienced, or based on company relationship with Sacred Heart?

23:04- So, my department requires an internship to graduate, what if I can’t get one?

24:08- Does my internship need to be related to my major?

25:30- Based on my career community or industry interest, what keywords do you suggest I use when searching for an internship?

26:31- What advice would you give to students after landing an internship?