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Is Your Online Presence Hurting Your Career?

For many of us, social media is an integral part of everyday life—and for many employers, a prospective hire’s online presence can be a major factor in determining employability. In addition to reading through resumes and cover letters, hiring managers …

By Nisha Kumar Kulkarni - Idealist Careers
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This Company Wants To Give You Your Next Job—And They’re Hiring All Year Round

After graduation, Sara worked in finance within the aerospace industry. While she loved the specifics of her role, she wanted more interaction with clients.

She had identified skills she wanted to develop, but the opportunities she wanted just weren’t available …

By Liam Berry - WayUp
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Q&A With An Under Armour Footwear Designer (Who Started As An Intern)

David Chung has one of the coolest jobs you can think of: He designs basketball shoes at one of the world’s leading athletic apparel and performance footwear brands, Under Armour.

We sat down with David to find out what it’s …

By Liam Berry - WayUp
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How Can I Break into the Human Resources Field with Only a Bachelor’s Degree and No Experience?

Renee from Harrison College asks:

“How can I get my foot in the door in Human Resources with my Bachelors and no experience in this area?  I have been searching now for over a year after being informed by my …

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Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants – The Hot Jobs of Healthcare


How many times have you visited a doctor’s office, urgent care, or hospital and received treatment by a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant? Chances are high that it was more than a few times. This is not a surprise …

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Building the Rural Physician Workforce: The International Medical Graduate (IMG) on a J-1 Visa


Those in the primary care sphere predict physician shortages could reach north of 50,000 physicians by 2032. With just 9% of physicians practicing in rural communities where 25% make up the US population, rural recruiters must consider additional solutions …

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The Importance of Effective Communication in Healthcare


Anyone who has ever had to look for a job is very familiar with the phrase “applicant must have good communication skills.” In fact, most organizations would likely list effective communication as one of the biggest challenges they face. …

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Real Talk with Branch Data Scientist

We interviewed Akshay Mahajan, a Data Scientist at Branch, to discuss his career, a typical workday at Branch, and his recommendations for learning Data Science.

The full video Q&A is below, and here are some of the highlights.

How did …

By Siya Raj Purohit - Springboard
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What to Expect and How to Succeed in Your Phone Interview

Luis Molinero Martnez/

Phone interviews are an integral part of any interview process after an application and resume have been submitted to a medical institution or clinic. The phone interview is generally the first step after a thorough review of …

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Texting Speeds Time to Hire in Healthcare

Wavebreak Media Ltd/

With shortages projected of a hundred of thousand or more physicians and a million-plus nurses anticipated over the coming decade, the need to hire as effectively as possible has never been more significant for healthcare providers. With …

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